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Relocare provides best basis for
attracting, recruiting,
relocating and retaining

international employees and families.

We offer superior global mobility services

Attract and recruit candidates

Attraction &

We help you to attract and recruit the right candidate to your company.

culture courses denmark

Culture Training

Increase good relations, business opportunities, sales and turnover.

relocation to denmark

Retention &
Relocation 360°

Quality and personalized service for all aspects of relocation and taxation.

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Taxation & 
Social Security

Tax liability and safety from social security must be correct to retain your employees and keep them safe!


Testimonials Our track record speaks for itself

Relocare's Vision To be the preferred relocation supplier of quality services that ensures retention of employees.

Open Courses Improve

hr managers denmark

HR & Managers

  • Attract and relocate international employees
  • Motivate an international team
  • Share knowledge across departments and borders

danish culture


  • The Danish culture and mentality  
  • Maximize your stay in Denmark  
  • How to build friendships and strengthen your network  

cultural training denmark

Culture Courses

  • Do business internationally  
  • Become a global leader  
  • Facilitate efficient team work  


People Our strong team

Relocation Denmark





What We Offer We customize our services to your needs

Bronze Package

A relocation package giving full compliance for taxation, immigration and local registration. On top the expat will receive basic relocation and comfort assistance with housing as a key element. You can add different services such as cultural training or school assistance to the package if needed.

The optimal relocation package for young or temporary employees with flexible solutions.

Silver Package

A full compliance package for taxation, immigration, social security and local registration. The expat or couple will get a relocation package designed to retain with full housing and settling-in services combined with expat advises, cultural training and coaching.

The perfect choice for single employees or couples you want to retain.

Gold VIP Package

For your critical business needs whom need to focus on the job from day one.

A full compliance package with immigration, social security, local registration, extended taxation and a relocation package designed to retain manpower and knowledge on a long-term basis. Full housing and settling-in services combined with continuing expat advises, extended cultural training and coaching, leisure activities and proper networks makes the expats stay and the work environment happy!

The relocation solution when only the best is good enough.

Family Package

The family package can be an extension to all relocation packages or services. If the family is not happy and well settled a relocation will be short and hence very costly. The family relocation package consists of different elements; from the necessary compliance part for family, to school establishment in the Danish or international schools to spouse job search and family cultural training and coaching.

A complete solution ensuring retention for the entire family and bottom line for the company.